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The Power Of Self-Motivation

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“Keep Learning , Keep Growing “ 

With this success mantra in life, Jaswinder Kaur has set milestones while moving ahead in her journey. She is a renowned Punjabi author, Teacher and social activist. This literacy day 2020, her speech was broadcasted by All India Radio to over 179 countries. She also holds a World Genius Record by Nigeria. She says to see the change around; you have to bring in a change within oneself. 

Since childhood, she has had the passion and dream to be a change maker. Being an intelligent child at school, she helped both her parents at home and work. Along with this, she taught her siblings. Jaswinder started her literary journey at the age of 12 with writing poetry and articles. With this flair for writing, she participated in some national and international contests ending up winning them. Later due to the financial crisis, she supported her education on her own while earning. She was married soon after completing her graduation at the age of 23. Again family was not financially sound, and this stuck her head. How would my future be here? I have to do something for myself and earn. She made up her mind to study further and earn. But our society teaches the girl to be at home after getting married and take care of the extended family and make them happy. At this crucial stage, Jaswinder’s husband supported her and made sure to continue her education. She took the admission for distance learning and got a job as well in a school. Now, this was a difficult task for her to juggle three works together. Household, career, and studies altogether are a herculean task, but the passion ignited within her kept her going, and she never stopped. Finally, she completed her post-graduation with flying colors. After this milestone, she got a seat in the government college to complete her B.Ed. For this, she had to do an up-down, but she had a baby girl with her. It was a real struggle to manage all this and then leave to study and then come home and do household work. She had to study with babies in her lap and then leave them in the morning and catch a train for Jalandhar to complete her B.Ed. Be it heavy rains or chilly winters, she kept on going and completed her study. During all those hard times, she kept herself motivated. Jaswinder says- she had no motivation from outside and thus figured that she needs to keep herself motivated. It was all intrinsic motivations that helped her in moving forward. With this trait, she had an ample amount of confidence to face what comes her way. During all this, she kept nurturing her passion for writing. She never loses an opportunity to learn.

She is a motivational speaker and talks about staying positive and self-motivation at the national and international stage. She has been contributing to the world of literature and teaching for a long time. She has written a poetry book in Punjabi, which was launched by Padam Shri Dr Surjit Pattar, and another book named Kalam Ko Salam, wherein she has quoted his saying in 3 different languages. She is a role model for the people around and is ever ready to help people around her.

She has written two books so far and has been a member of ‘Folklore Research Academy’ and ‘Progressive Writers Organization.’ Jaswinder is a Punjabi teacher by profession at DAV International School and has been in this field for about 20 years. She has received a lot of awards for her appreciative work in the field of teaching. On this Teachers Day 2020, she was felicitated by Schoolie National Award to Teacher, an exclusive honour. She has her radio programs on Sanjhi Awaaz Radio – Australia Melbourne, R.R Radio Ellenabad  & Gagan Radio.

Motivation from within is the only source for extrinsic motivation to have some impact on you and drives your way. 

She considers that her good deeds come as blessings. One should never lose an opportunity to learn. Never think that you are perfect, as that ends the passion for learning. It is just the beginning for her, and the destination is yet to be achieved. Just like you keep the slippers out while vising a holy place, the same way keeps negativity away from you and always have a positive aura. Positive aura will attract people towards you. She wants people to appreciate the work of the other people, and if you cannot do so, then do not pull them down as they work hard to present their work.

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