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Raj Chodankar – To Achieve Success You Must Dream

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“To Achieve Success, You Must Dream” – Raj Chodankar

Hi Readers! This is Cristina with an interview of an amazing physicist, Rajendra Chodankar, Chairman and CEO of Atmanirbhar – Made in India Company, named RRP S4E Innovation Private Limited. He is 61 years old, born in 1960. He has contributed three decades of experience in innovative engineering and physics.

He was awarded the C.V. Raman Award for the top 5 physicists, in Maharastra for contributing in Nano Machining, awarded by then hounourable chief minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis in 2015. Another IMR award for contributions in thermal imaging and am listed in the 100 Inspiring Indians Award.

“When you fear ‘Fear’, you will perish. When you start analyzing that fear and find solution, you will win”

Raj Chodankar

What is your most important accomplishment? 

  • “I think the biggest achievement is the respect and trust, I gained during my journey. Today when someone says “Raj, your contributions were much appreciated”- This makes me feel that “Yes, I have accomplished something.” Besides that, the thermal camera I am contributing with, will be a great asset to identify 12 diseases in the body, e.g – pneumonia, fever, COVID symptoms, etc. In upcoming four months, we will launch it in collaboration with a company called ‘Ayonix Japan’ whose founder is Dr Sadi Vural, a renowned mathematician. It will comprise the facial recognition feature and record the temperature of another person who is five meters apart from the front of the camera.”

What is your inspiration?

  • “My family has been my long-standing inspiration. I am actually inspired by everyone. Especially, Dr. Anil Kakodkar and Guru Shri Dada Bhagwat (My teachers) who showed me the path to walk. My passion was my inspiration. One thing I realized from all the legendaries is that Knowledge should not be kept within you, when you share the knowledge, you tend to get bigger and better. Knowledge is something which is your own creation, it come within you, you meet people down the journey and you pass it on and that’s how we learn from these advisors. In my case, I met some wonderful people on my journey, Dr. Sadi Vural is one of them. At last, Shri Vinod Dugar who walked into our lives and took us beyond horizons within a span of a year of his association. We owe our success to him and his inspiration is a accelerated catalyst.
“Challenges only help you to go bigger, help you to get better and be prepared for many more challenges in the future.” – Raj Chodankar

What was the initial stage in your journey?

  • “In my opinion, there has to be challenges in your journey. Smooth journey doesn’t prepare you for bigger opportunities and challenges.
  • My journey was full of obstacles. There were challenges but I enjoyed and learned from them. We continue to learn in this process. During my exposure in industry and all its domains, the people that I’ve come across always resonate, at some point of time.
  • I feel Money is temporary. Power is temporary. You will earn. You will lose. You will learn. You will have ups and downs, but knowledge and goodwill stay forever.”

What are your future plans?

  • “I want to be the top-leading company in electro optics which will be an asset to the society for making India self-sufficient in technologies. India had faced challenges and now under the IDDM category which is indigenously designed, developed and manufacture, we want to overcome these challenges. It’s a fictional dream, but we are working towards it. I think the cohesive force and thought process is key to make it possible and we have a goal to accomplish it in next two years.”

I wish him luck to keep moving forward and to keep inspiring people. Stay tuned to see where this journey takes him and what new opportunities come along.

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