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Rohit Tannan – Keep Learning, Never Stop

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Hello readers! My name is Cristina and this is an interview I conducted with a renowned actor, Rohit Tannan, for Global Achievers Magazine.


He is an experienced actor, who played a key role in romance drama, ‘Heer Ranjha’. He portrayed the role of a caring and loving father of ‘Heer’. He also has acted in the latest web series coming up, ‘Manzar’. Let’s explore the aspects of an actor’s journey through this interview…

How has your experience been during your journey up to here?

  • “As I was a corporate guy, so I had a lucrative career graph. At a much later stage of my life, I transitioned into being an actor. Acting is not a steady, salaried gig in which you’ll know exactly how much money you have coming in each month. It is extremely rare as an actor to be working every week of the year, let alone every day. So, your earnings also vary according to the projects you get. Initially, there was a lot of struggle but slowly and steadily, I was able to get some marketing assignments using my passion, obsession and discipline. At times it was exhausting but an inner calling that has brought so much joy to be living your dream.”

Why did you change your profession to be an actor?

  • “Acting has been my passion since I was a child. Now that I am answering that call, it has really brought me back to my childhood dream. One thing I would always add on is that the universe is your friend and it conspires to help you achieve your dreams. Because of the fact that I have always followed my heart and my heart really propelled me to act for the love of telling stories, of sharing experiences and discovering new ones, of being able to connect with and inspire people.”

In your opinion, what has been your biggest achievement?

  • “When I come across a project that requires the challenges to be met and wherein good deal of struggle is involved, I really enjoy it. I relish the experience of reaping the fruits of hardwork in form of the love I receive from the people around me. The way I connect with my fans through the character I play, the emotional bond I share with everyone involved in the project is what I call as my biggest achievement.”

How did you overcome the fear of the unknown?

  • “Hardwork. I’ll give you an example – so, I had to do this show ‘Heer Ranjha’ but the role of Heer’s father allowed me to push beyond my ‘limits’ learning more dialogue more than I ever thought possible for me and doing so much research into the character. Bringing the character to life was eye opening, inspiring and rewarding as I changed as a person for the better during this time. I believe at the end of the day it’s down to your mindset and the work you put into what you’re passionate about”

What is next for you?

  • “Playing as an Antagonist in Manzar. Massive thanks to the makers for seeing potential in me and casting me in my first role ever as the antagonist role of Kabir. Now due to the effects of lockdown, whether it gets released in cinemas or through web, I think what is most important to me is acknowledging that I am only one piece in giant puzzle and if my contribution can help tell meaningful stories, provoke conversations and educate the world then I feel accomplished.”

Even during lockdown Rohit Tannan is moving towards his dreams. His new web series, ‘Manzar’ in which he is playing as the antagonist. In the world of dreams, where one age, gender, nationality matter not, what matters is your sheer talent. I wish him luck to keep moving forward and to keep inspiring people.

Stay tuned to see where this journey takes him and what new opportunities come along.

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