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He is a man connected to the roots with raw essence in his craft. A dynamic and multitalented actor and singer Aroon Bakshi. This man has been the character entertainer in more than 100 Hindi movies and playback vocalist for 298 melodies. He worked in Punjabi and Bollywood film alongside Bhojpuri. Born and brought up in Ludhiana, Punjab,

Aroon was destined to go to the city of dreams Mumbai. Those were the days when there were no opportunities or resources to fulfil big dreams in a small town. Circumstances are worse when you don’t have a place with a wealthy family. Aroon could make time for happiness even in the most serious and tough times. He is chippy yet a naughty man. Interestingly we would have seen Bakshi in the army if not singing or acting. Aroon’s father was a doctor but his work did not go well so his mother Ms Ved Bakshi used to sing in kirtans and jagrans to feed her family. In spite of all the odds, his parents made sure that he studies and his father used to make him sing in the Ramleela’s held. Aroon completed his graduation from Arya College. He was a cricketer a pace baller. From there he moved to Punjab University as an employee, a coordinator. But soon after he knew that Mayanagri was calling him and with the support of his parents took 6 months off and moved to Mumbai. There he was on a blank canvas ready to paint his dreams. This dream started with working in a theatre IPTA and then there is a tale of an endless journey. A very few people knew that Aroon Ji worked as an actor in Jalandhar Radio which helped him get a reference for the theatre. Bakri was his first play. Opportunities come to everyone it’s you who have to grab them. Mumbai the city of dreams will give you plenty of opportunities just like it gave to Aroon. It was at a squash court after the game when Aroon was resting and humming a ghazal of Jagjit Singh when Lakshmi Kant Pyaare Lal heard him and gave his first break in the movie ‘KARMA”. His life changed overnight. A real talent never goes unrecognised. One way or the other you definitely will find your way but don’t lose hope and keep working hard. Hard work brings maturity. It doesn’t matter if you have a background of films or not there is no substitute for hard work.

Aroon says “ The rule of life is either you work or you perish”.

Just like your fingers, not all your days are the same and there were times of rejection and extreme humiliations which left him discouraged. Aroon was humiliated from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening. This could have broken him instead made him more confident in himself and ignited a fire within to achieve a level of excellence. It is really important to know your self-worth and keep nurturing your art. People will try to take you down but don’t distract and focus on yourself. If humiliated to saturation then answer back when needed- advice by Aroon to newcomers. Observation is the key, Aroon learned by observing others as he worked with exceptionally skilled names. God helps those who help themselves is the advice Aroon’s father gave him and he abides by that saying it changed my approach to life. He worked twice with legendary actor Dileep Kumar which is no less than an accomplishment. He does his work with sheer dedication and accepts all the challenges. His work in  Mahabharat as Dhristadyumna and Mahant Dashrath Tripathi in Colors’ TV Show Ishq Ka Rang Safed is profoundly valued. Singing was in his genetics as his mother was a folk singer who never had proper training and the same goes with Aroon. People don’t really know that he is the voice behind a lot of songs. Ms Ved Bakshi was Aroon’s source of inspiration and hero of his story. She raised him with great values and the capacity to confide in his ability. He is a self-made man who believes old is gold and old renditions can never fade away. It is a beautiful life so take on the innocence and live the life beautifully. Nothing comes too soon you have to earn it. Listen to your heart and follow your instincts. Life is fascinating but not easy so tighten your seat belts and fill your heart with dedication and prepare your mind then jump with a leap of faith. Trust yourself. You’ll come out with flying colours. 

Every great dream begins with a dreamer

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