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The Unsung Hero- Social Workers

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It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.

Lockdown had its warriors, but the ones reaching for help to people in need are the social workers – The Unsung Heros. We work for food, and the same was seen as a difficult thing to get when Vikas Panchal, a renowned youth leader and social worker from Delhi, went on roads to cater to the needs of the people and be a strong pillar of strength and support to the ones in need. He made sure that the ones in need are heard and believe that he is there for them.

“Service Before Self” is the mission of Vikas. He is the wave of change hailing to be adapted. Vikas is the RWA Vice President for the past three years and actively working with different organizations at the state and national level to serve the society and nation at large. Lockdown was seen as a restrictive time for most people when Vikas discovered the country’s reality and the government. We live in a time where people are running behind the fulfillment of self rather than making a collective effort to better the nation. During this crisis, Vikas and the team distributed food packets for 56 days with something different every day. The parcel contained energy-giving and nutritious food like bananas and something sweet for sure after the meal. All of this was good quality food and nothing which is not acceptable to eat. Vikas is working to ensure that no one should sleep hungry, and the government should work on this front.

Vikas says- these people working day and night for us need appreciation and our support to stand firm and keep working for a better tomorrow. A social worker is not seen as a good man these days, so he has to prove to him a lot to show that he is genuine and working for the cause. When you start work, you get both positive and negative feedback. Vikas encourages the youth to be a part of his team and develop creative ways of awareness and reaching the people. He wants that there should be no differences on any basis, and people should live in peace and harmony.

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