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The Teacher You Want- Kiran Dallal

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“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support.”

With the childhood passion for contributing to the nation making and support of the family, we have a dynamic principal, educationist, trainer and counsellor Mrs Kiran Dallal. She is among the 50 most effective principals of India with an experience of over 3 decades of teaching and administration. Under her guidance Bright Scholar Senior Secondary School Sonipat has improving results and the position of district toppers for the past 3 years consecutively.

This journey to make all the professions started with a childhood passion for admiring teachers and being a teacher. Kiran’s house shared the boundary with a school, and they used to climb the wall to see teachers teach and respect them. She belongs to the family of great Sir Chhotu Ram who was a prominent politician in British India’s Punjab Province. The people in her family are from different professions, but no one was a teacher, so this gave a boost to her passion of teaching and went to do her B.Ed. While she was pursuing her B.Ed. She was persuaded to teach at a school she went to get her son admitted. At that time she was quite phobic of interviews thus hesitant to accept the offer.

Kiran was convinced at started working, and after that, there is no looking back. She was promoted as the vice-principal within a year of her work, and she also completed her studies. After this incident, there was no looking back. During her journey, she had a very supportive family. Kiran says that if you have any clashes in your family, then there is no peace of mind and the goals cannot be achieved. She says that I give my students the freedom to learn and guide them in their way of learning. This also makes the children happy, and they provide good performance. At school, you deal with human beings, and the children of the school are innocent and tender. It is an actual task to educate parents and the society what is education and what is learning?

Along with you need to convince the parents to bring the child to the school. The parents want the best for their children, so you need to be extra careful have the power of persuasion. It is the ecosystem of the school, principal, teachers, parents and students, which makes it a complete and successful cycle. This cycle takes out the best in you and encourages you to keep learning and keep achieving. To give the best, you cannot stop learning. One should aim at being better than what they are today.  There is a constant fear of the unknown which is endless but to overcome this decide and never regret the decision that you have made. There can be flaws and mistakes but keep noting them. This will help you not do them again. Mistakes are the stepping stone to a better tomorrow.

Along with a profession maker, she is also concerned about the nation. This made her encourage her daughter to join the air force. And today she is a squadron leader in the air force. Kiran says you should always question yourself and discuss things with yourself. This will give you time for self-analysis and the power to decide. Imagine a toddler leaving the hands of his parents and rushing to you amid the crowd saying “Hello Mam! How are you?” this is the most amazing and one of the best feelings and moments in the life of a teacher. As a teacher, you have a lot of extended families who encourage you and become your support system. Problems are a part of life they will come and go, but you need to be committed for your work. The success mantra for Kiran is perseverance. Be continuously committed to your work. Spread smiles and be happy. She helps the staff and the students solve their problems.

Kiran aims at creating an environment of sympathy and empathy, where there is no phobia.

This will spread smiles and make you happy and contented. 

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