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I touch the future. I teach.

Her life has been exciting and full of events where she relished victory and also managed failure. Dr Priti Ojha is the principal of Delhi International School Dwarka, New Delhi. She has a prolific 18 years of experience in the field of teaching from being a faculty to an administrator. She worked with British Council North India school’s team, International Coordinator and Local Facilitator. Priti is a Master Trainer and Core skills trainer for various modules. She has conducted numerous workshops for teachers, leaders and other stakeholders in the education sector within India and abroad. Dr Priti has received Award for Most Progressive Principal in National convention of Edu leaders and Most Promising Principal by Global leaders foundation. She has recently been recognized as the LINKEDIN SPOTLIGHT 2019.

Every journey has endless stories to build beautiful memories. Priti started as a software coder in a reputed firm, but her passion made her shift to education. She is a postgraduate in Computer Science from Pune University; Dr Priti went on to complete B.Ed., M.Phil and PhD in Computer Science. Priti started her teaching career as a primary teacher, and today she is a Principal. Learning from young learners has been her inspiration. Children are easily approachable and happier than adults. Their innocence, acceptance and inquisitive questions touch your heart. Being with children always made her happy. Priti’s love and passion for working with children and parents are full of joy, happiness and compassion.

One should make small goals in life and keep repeating it. Setting achievable goals helps you to keep moving ahead with a purpose. We all have plans, all of them are not successful. How to manage those emotions is tricky and challenging. So leave what is not in your control and focus on what is inside you which can be controlled. Her quest to resolve issues of students, teachers, parents and management give her the satisfaction of learning through each solution and in a micro level contribute to the system. She says that being a teacher she had to balance family and school. This took a lot of her time as they have to prepare what to teach the next day. This work needs a lot of mind and dwelling. People out there should understand the hard work done by the teachers. Parenting is an equally important aspect for the development of a child. If there is no pattern in the house than it wouldn’t be reflective in the school as well no matter how hard the teachers try.

All those who are reading this article should keep collaborating to learn and be adaptive to changing time.

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