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Meet the Womenprenaure and MultiTasking Lady

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We live in a society that still can’t accept a woman as a leader of her destiny. For them, a woman is like a ‘thing’ who should be kept inside four walls. But no, not anymore, so here’s to strong women- May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. This story enunciates the journey of a very promising and versatile lady, Ms. Anu Taksali Dhanuka, an entrepreneur, shield of many kids, thinker, beauty pageant winner, reiki practitioner, an Artist, dancer, a certified yoga practitioner, and also a mother of two daughters and this list goes on and on.

Hard work is like stairs and luck is like a lift. The lift can stop at any time but the stairs always lead to the height. A well-rounded, boss lady who took the charge of her life and established herself as an eminent and ennoble personality. Ms. Anu Taksali Dhanuka is Director-general at Dhanuka Electrotech Pvt. Ltd., Founder, Director, CEO at KIASA International Pvt. Ltd., and Founder and CEO at Safe’O’Buddy Kids.

Dreams don’t become reality through magic, they require sweat, determination, and hard work.

Just like that Anu attain her goals with the magic of her hard work and became the winner of various prestigious awards such as India’s 500 CEO Awards 2020, TOP 50 Tech Leaders 2019 in Innovation and Technology by INTERCON-Dubai, Top 51 Influential Ladies of Gurugram 2019, Women of Influence award 2019, Prestigious Indian of the Year Award 2019 by G-Pen, Indian Icon Award 2019, Face of TIRANGA 2018, Global ICON of the Year 2018, Mrs. India Worldwide Confident 2018, Face of LA Jeunesse 2018. She has been covered by FitNGlam India Magazine, which was the cover page model of FHL magazine, F3 Fashion Magazine, and INTERCON too. She has also been a Motivational Speaker, pageant groomer, Jury member, and the Guest of Honor of many pageants shows.

Mothers are like glue.

Even when you can’t see them, they’ll always have your back. Being a mother and an entrepreneur herself, she developed a brand named ‘SafeOKids’ which ensures and creates kids’ safety watches with a thought of ‘By a Mom, For a Mom’. Her venture’s product ensures that children wearing the Safe’ O’Buddy GPS watch can have their location tracked and monitored live using the app for up to 24 hours. This venture of hers manufactures ‘best kids tracking device and watches’ in India.

Her other venture KIASA International Pvt. Ltd. provides transportation and logistics solutions, enabling real-time visibility, tracking, and control of transport assets as they move across the supply chain for improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, safety, compliance, customer, and customer retention. It won’t be superlative if we call her the “Guardian of India”.

Everyone has their own rules to live their life but Anu followed the words of her mother and the 5 principles she taught her which were

Principled, Power, Patience, Peace in Mind, Practice Hard to accomplish her goals.

We meet different people every day and each one of them teaches us different lessons and ways of life. There were a lot of people like an invisible force who mentored and pushed Anu towards her success including her parents, husband, kids, and her guides.

Thinking will not overcome your fear but acting against it will. Anu believes that to move forward in our lives we must not fear our decisions, we should accept them whole-heartedly and work on them incessantly to create better and best results.

We all grew up watching our mothers handling her problems on her own. Being a mother, Anu also went through some really hard times but she never gave up, instead she got up every morning and worked up to snuff and raised both her work as well as children. This magnificent woman has become a phenomenal example for so many women who sees the dream and dares to achieve it standalone. Some tags like a guardian, protector, comrade, dreamcatcher are less to express gratitude towards her hard work and determination. A woman who saw a dream, aced it with her hard work and became the queen of her own kingdom.

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