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A Trilinguist Poetess

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Keep reading good books as they will help our mind be healthy and resourceful. A healthy and resourceful mind is an asset to the society

For good books, we need good writers. And one of those prolific writers is Ms Nidhi Kuvrani. She has worked as an English Lecturer, Trilinguist poetess, and Literary aspirant who writes in Gujarati, Hindi, and English. She has been nominated for the “INTERNATIONAL INDIAN AWARD”-2020 by the ‘WORLD ENGLISH WRITER’S UNION” and honored with the “Literoma Nari-Samman-2020”. Nidhi is facilitated with the “MEWADEV  LAUREL AWARD-2019″ for her social and literary contribution. Her poem has been published in the world’s biggest poetry anthology of 2020″SONGS  OF PEACE”. Recently she got recognition from  “Motivational Strips” & “Gujarat Sahitya  Academi” with the “INDEPENDENCE HONOUR-2020”. She is nominated for Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Award-2021″ by the “Arpita Foundation”, Vrindavan, U.P.

If there is a spark of passion and dedication in you one day or the other you will achieve great heights of your dreams. This entangles the story of Nidhi who grew in a small village of Bhavnagar in the lap of mother nature. Growing and learning with the nature had a lasting impact on her mind and it can be seen as a core part of her writing. Since childhood Nidhi had a hobby of reading books which laid the path of a writing career. She is a published writer and poetess we can see her work in journals, newspapers, web journals, e-books, ezines, and in national and international anthologies. Nidhi is also recognized and facilitated by national and international poetry forums for her contribution to the poetry world.

But life is not as smooth as it looks and thus in the times of trouble Nidhi says- “One should recollect the days of happiness to gain strength. It is the cycle of life that goes on and time changes. Be ready to face the challenges put by life and you will grow and evolve as an individual.” Nidhi wishes to learn all that she can from the lessons of life. Her family,colleagues, teachers and her passion towards reading is the pillar of strength and support. Nidhi is also interested in nature photography, drawing, fashion designing, yoga, making new dishes. She wants to learn new things with the aim of constant growth. Do what you want to do by heart, make your mind your best friend or an advisor.

“Follow thy heart to achieve what you seeking and make mind to thy best friend!”

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