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The Power of Believe

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Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Life is an unpredictable journey of the man and you never know when it turns topsy turvy overnight. This makes life go over 360 degrees. With this, we have the story of Neeta Mehta an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master Life Coach Healer, therapist, a keynote speaker, and an upcoming author. She is the first Indian and the third person in the world to be able to live after the successful surgery of cochlea with an unknown genetic disorder. She has received  National Excellence Award For Services to Disabled. The Saundrya NGO Award for Services to Society. Neeta was awarded for Best Presentation Skills in International Public Speaking Championship while being extensively interviewed by many news channels, radio shows & talk shows.

Neeta Mehta is a happy-go-lucky woman whose life changed all of a sudden as she met with a fatal accident. This resulted in hearing impairment leaving her deaf. She was unable to grasp the complexity of the situation, Neeta was also grappling with mental fears & emotional scars that a debilitating loss of hearing could bring to her. Indeed, all this was taking an emotional toll on Neeta’s health and peace of mind. She went to every doctor or clinic for the treatment or a solution but came out empty hands. Along with the hearing impairment, Neeta also had an unknown genetic disorder which made the surgery risky and with a low percentage of survival rate. During all these times of hardships, one has to keep the spirit high & stay positive. Think it to be fighting unknown demons of life. It was the determination and dedication of Neeta which made her stand strong during the time of her surgery. The doctor who agreed to perform the surgery said that I want you to say me that you’ll stand strong and only then I will be able to do your surgery. On this Neeta, said-I want to explore the world and achieve a lot in the future.  After the success of the surgery, Neeta took this as an opportunity to grow in life, and she decided to give her all to it. She did her certification in Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Master Life Coach Certification and Verbal Hypnotic Artistry from IINLP. After gaining a thorough understanding of the field, Neeta decided to pursue a career as an emotional healer or Emotional Intelligence Coach. She has been touching and changing many lives as they come to her.

Neeta’s journey from a survivor to a fighter to a winner and now EI Coach is an inspiration to all of us. Neeta is the true epitome of self-love, self-care & self-triumph. She fought with each & everyone, each day and every day, day-in and day-out to carve a unique journey for herself. She took each day as it comes, taking one step at a time towards her success and towards her victory.

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