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Nandlal Master – Good Deeds Will Always Find Support

Hi Reader! This is Cristina with an amazing interview of an amazing person again… A person who provides education free-of-charge, who supports...

Raj Chodankar – To Achieve Success You Must Dream

“To Achieve Success, You Must Dream” - Raj Chodankar Hi Readers! This is Cristina with an interview of...

Dilip Kumar – The Tragedy King

“The Tragedy King” credited with bringing a distinct form of method acting technique to Indian cinema, Dilip Kumar, a Veteran Indian Actor...

Nittin Gujral – Be Bold And Choose To Succeed

Hello Readers! I am Cristina and this is an interview with Head of Global Partnerships, Nittin Gujral, for Global Achievers Magazine.

Rohit Tannan – Keep Learning, Never Stop

Hello readers! My name is Cristina and this is an interview I conducted with a renowned actor, Rohit Tannan, for Global Achievers...

Dinesh Mohan – Live Life To The Fullest

Live Life To The Fullest Dinesh Mohan is an actor/supermodel from Delhi. He is currently 60yrs old and...

Anandibai Joshi – First Female Doctor Of India

Be Grateful For Challenges Because... Had There Been No Difficulties And No Thorns In The Way, Then (Each Woman and) Man...

Kaushal Prakash – Rent A Boy|Friend

“Believe in Yourself and Take the First Step, The World Would Not Believe till It Happened" Those Who...

Ajit Anjum – Senior Journalist

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?”― Garth Nix, Sabriel

Monika Kohli – You Can Achieve Anything

By God’s Hand, Family Support, Positive Thinking And Hard Work You Can Achieve AnythingSaid Monika Kohli