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Nittin Gujral – Be Bold And Choose To Succeed

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Hello Readers! I am Cristina and this is an interview with Head of Global Partnerships, Nittin Gujral, for Global Achievers Magazine.

Be Bold And Choose To Succeed

He works for a global market research and has 12+ years of experience. He started his first job as customer service executive at one of biggest call center after which, he had a chance to work with globally renowned KPO. From there on, his journey to success started which took him about a decade to accomplish. Let’s explore more aspects of his journey…

How do you think pandemic has affected our country? What are your thoughts on it?

  • Dealing with the unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on people all across the world. The entire world is buzzing with uncertainty and questions. How long will the pandemic last? What will people’s lives look like once the pandemic is over? Right now the possible answer is to stay at home stay healthy and getting vaccinated is the only possible solution we may have.
  • Our country is the hardest hit by this virus because of our population and we might have got into our comfort zone too early. Right now, the possible answer is to stay at home, stay healthy and getting vaccinated.
  • We all know that work will never be the same. What we can say with certainty is that the sudden shift to distributed work has provided the opportunity to re-imagine everything about how we do our jobs and how we run our companies. However, we humans are social creatures, the pandemic had ruined our life style, our economy and we need to get back to our normal life’s as quick as possible.

As you know, Work from Home has turned quite common among people. Do you think this trend will change after the pandemic?

  • As the pandemic continues to threaten health, we are looking at a prolonged period of hybrid working – by that, I mean, employees that have flexible work structure. We can accomplish most tasks without significant drop in productivity or quality.
  • Most employees appreciate flexibility, especially those with long commute times. Over time, however, face-to-face interactions are required to facilitate collaboration, build relationships, solve complex challenges and generate ideas. Continuous remote work extends the work day, diffuses work-life boundaries and reduces mental wellbeing.
  • Some lessons learned: we can accomplish most tasks remotely without significant drop in productivity or quality. Having said that we all need to adjust to these current scenarios as this is now the new normal.

What is your Success Mantra in life?

My success mantra is to BE BOLD AND CHOOSE TO SUCCEED – i.e. success comes to those who dare to dream, to people who truly want to succeed. It does not come knocking the doors of people who only wait for things to take happen on their own, success does not come easy. If life throws you a challenge, fight back hard. You might fail many times to achieve your goal. But never let failure be the end as there is always light at the end of every tunnel.

According to Nittin Gujral, Success comes to those who dare to dream, to people who truly want to succeed. I agree. When life throws a challenge, fight or flight are one’s only options.

Stay tuned for more awe-inspiring stories. Till then, Ta-ta!

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