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Kaushal Prakash – Rent A Boy|Friend

Those Who Dream Big, Don’t Care About Age!

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“Believe in Yourself and Take the First Step, The World Would Not Believe till It Happened”

Those Who Dream Big, Don’t Care About Age! Today we have a person this quote applies to, Kaushal Prakash. The same person who started his work in Real Estate at the age of 17, an Interior Designer turned Entrepreneur. The same Kaushal Prakash who was the Finalist of Mr. India in 2018. The same person who is the one of the only people who applied a concept that is entirely new to India. The concept of hiring a person as friend to help one out of tough situations. A multi-talented person with zeal to make this world more beautiful with their services.

Kaushal Prakash completed his education from Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School (SSPMS), Pune. Entrepreneurship is in his blood, considering his father, who was a Civil Engineer, founded the VEENA DEVELOPERS in 1983, a highly customer driven company which aims to provide top quality construction services to a large clientele. In fact, every VEENA DEVELOPERS project is a standing testimony to the Group’s basic approach of upholding excellent standards in design and construction. Now, Kaushal Prakash is the second generation and has inherited the family business.

In 2018 Kaushal Prakash had founded an app that followed a totally new concept, ‘Rent A Boy|Friend’. An app that was helpful to people with mental health issues. That could provide a person a list of people willing to help them out of a tight spot. With which one could employ a ‘Friend’ on hourly-based paid service, albeit platonically. The app’s purpose was not so much romantic as it was to help people overcome their feelings of isolation.

To tread this delicate line between providing ‘support – companionship’ to the mentally ill, and providing medical help to them, the team at RABF had tied up with a team of psychiatrists. But, in India, this concept was way before it’s time and was not generally accepted by narrow-minded people which made this project to terminate. However, Kaushal did not lose faith and pulled ahead through these difficult times with quick wit and sheer stubbornness. Nowadays, he is working on many noteworthy projects, which may have accumulated the interest of renowned names as Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Shetty, etc.

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