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Change Happens In The Blink Of An Eye

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The Lakshman Rekha bound her. 

She was raised to be an ideal homemaker. But incredible things occur in a squint of an eye. In the existence of a homemaker, an idea which ignites the fire within and boosts the passion can bring a revolution. For Shweta Choudhary Khilwani this was the matter of a phone call bill which made her think about being financially independent. This small incident and an idea given by her friend made her dream. Her focus and will power made it a successful effort to be a Women Entrepreneur. She is the founder-director of Mahodaari – a platform, which allows hundreds of ladies to showcase their products and expand their business for free

Shweta is a chirpy lady with positivity in abundance. Born and brought up in Delhi, she was married after completing class 10 to a big joint family. And soon after had a baby. This represents the end of dreams but the beginning of a new journey, a new home and burden of responsibilities. Near about 20 years after her marriage and settlement, she started with her work. She was all on her own in search of exposure and experience. Before we start anything, there is a constant fear of what would the people say or think? But Shweta started her journey against all the odds with just her efforts and will power. There was no support from anyone around. In the beginning, she lacked knowledge and a platform, but she always had hope. Slowly and gradually, she started paving her way. Step by step, building her pathway. Shweta’s son started an apparel venture and asked her to resell and wholesale.

Shweta initially started with a boutique in partnership. Later was ditched by her partner and asked to leave. Then she started some other work, but then later saw that it was not working hence she left it. During her journey, she had to face a lot of losses. All the losses led her to new experiences and learning. But she was again discouraged that whatever you do brings loss and again, the same will happen. Shweta felt bad but took the taunts as a challenge to prove the people wrong. She always kept calm and believed in herself. She was happy and thankful for what she has and what she was achieving day by day. At least she was financially independent and was gaining exposure. Shweta says time never remains the same. So today if there are hurdles and problems tomorrow I will have a good time and success. With grit determination, she started her work again. She was ditched again and asked to leave. And when she left all the women who joined on her trust left with her. With time Shweta did not realise that she has built a face value for herself and gathered trust and support of the ladies. This was when she came up with an idea of Mahodaari – a platform for ladies to showcase their products and expand their business for free. Shweta is helped by her daughter and a friend in this venture, and she pays her daughter as she works for her. She is a trendsetter. Paying your child for the work they do for you is a different level of professionalism in this time where we want the work to be done in the least money paid. To bring a change in her life, Shweta rose above the narrow prejudices and mindsets. She knew her priority is not jewellery or gossip but being financially independent. She wanted to lead by example and be a helping hand for women like her who lack resources, platforms and exposure. No one can say that Shweta did not complete her schooling if not informed. She changed and learned with time. She says that her mother taught her not to lie if you don’t know something. Just say you don’t know and learn. But if you lie, it would be difficult for you to coverup, and then you will feel worse. Shweta took this advice as a success mantra and passed the same to her children.

Today Shweta is the strength of her husband and a source of inspiration for her children. Shweta is on her way to be a business tycoon. All she wants the women to do is take a step. Never lose hope. Don’t consider yourself weak or worthless. Nothing can stop you if you have a passion for bringing a change.

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