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An actor has to burn inside with an outer ease.

Dev Chauhan is the most famous theatre personality who has been in this field since childhood. Today he is the most renowned name in the field of theatre. You can see his notable roles in the movies- Vicky Doner, Highway, Ayyari, Shubh Mangal Savdhan and in all top-notch brand ads. He has an upcoming web series- Illegal and movie-The Pickup Artist.

A small child of age 12 was shown the path to Bal Bhawan, and the place made him theirs. Before 1988 Dev had no idea about theatre and had no one from this field. Dev had a naughty and inquisitive nature, and he could not complete his studies. Being the only son of his father, there was a lot of struggle at home. He says that if the theatre wouldn’t be there than his life would have been a waste. The efforts of Dev’s father later became his life lessons never to lose hope and keep working.

He has worked for 12 years in children’s theatre as a director. Later in 2000, he directed India’s first national and international Children Theatre Festival. At a point, he decided not to work with children’s theatre anymore, but with time he got back to the same thing. Dev does Ramleela of children in Ghaziabad with Cross Republic Society for the past five years. The Ramleela receives a lot of coverage and appreciation for the children.

If you feel that you are weak, then you will not be able to weave dreams so be strong and stay positive. Problems are part and parcel of life, so learn from them and mold yourself accordingly. Dev lacked education, and when he could not find any good work, he thought it is all because of education and some lack in his learnings. He says- “Learn more if you do not get work.” Good work is proof that you are doing good. His journey became his teacher, and he learned new things. Dev started working in front of the camera after 2000. In 2013 things started being in his favor and Dev got work. Since then, there is no looking back. When you’re zero, and you get something, and gives you a boost of motivation and happiness in abundance.  Do not set something in your mind or let it suppress you. No fear or issues could stop Dev because he did not let them.

One should always keep moving and doing good work. You get work from good work and not just talking about it. People come and go, some are blessings, and some are lessons. Learn from bad experiences. Dev’s experiences and his journey taught him everything. Work with all your heart and soul. Keep asking that what I am doing is my interest or attraction? All of this with self-assessment and introspection will help you gain success in life.

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